• An evening with Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders

    An evening with Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders at the Royal Geographical Society, London. A report by Noel Dawson    

  • Houlding, Burgun and Sedon summit the Spectre

    News from Antarctica is that Leo Houlding, Jean Burgun and Mark Sedon have summited the Spectre in the Gothic Mountains in Antarctica.

  • Karin Magog and Steve Crowe redpoint Mundo Felix (F8b+)

    Karin Magog and Steve Crowe have both recently redpointed Mundo Felix (F8b+) at Villanueva del Rosario.

  • Hazel Findlay does Salathe Wall free

    Hazel Findlay has made a super impressive free ascent of Salathe Wall.

  • James Pearson nails Power Ranger (5.14 R)

    James climbed his latest project at Sunset Rock above Chattanooga Tennessee, USA to give Power Ranger (5.14 R). 

  • Steve McClure on-sights Kopa Kabana Ext. (F8b+)

    Steve McClure wasted no time in getting his game-face on by on-sighting Kopa Kabana Ext (F8b+) at Elona on the first day of a trip to Leonidio.

  • Shauna Coxsey takes the win at La Sportiva Legends

    Shauna Coxsey wrapped up a great year on the competition circuit by taking the win at the 2017 La Sportiva Legends in Stockholm over the weekend.

  • La Sportiva Legends – Live tonight!

    La Sportiva Legends comp is live tonight from Stokholm!

  • Kendal Mountain Festival

    Late November means the Kendal Mountain Festival for many folk and as usual, duvet-wearing was totally de-rigour!

  • Kranj wraps up World Cup Lead comps for 2017

    The final round of the 2017 World Cup Lead comps was held over the weekend with Jacob Schubert and Janja Garnbret taking the Kranj golds whilst Romain Desgranges and Janja Garnbret scooped the 2017 overall titles.



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